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Posted 25.11.05

2nd World Congress on Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy
Dear Sir, Dear Madam
On behalf of Dr Mario de Conceicao, President of the 2nd World Congress on Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy, I am pleased to send you some additional information about this congress that will take place in RIO de Janeiro on the 4th - 8th March 2006. (see attached letter).
I am also enclosing the registration form and the revised scientific programme. We would appreciate it if you would forward this email to all your members since we believe this congress could be of great benefit to them.
Also, should your society have a website and a dedicated section for congresses and meetings (events), can we kindly ask you to add the dates of the congress to you calendar? The information we would require on the website would be - Event - 2nd World Congress on Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy Date - 4th - 8th March 2006, Venue - Intercontinental Hotel - RIO de Janeiro Website for further information - www.optionsglobal.com/rio contact - info@optionsglobal.com Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us
We look forward to welcoming you and your members to RIO
Kind regards
Jo Watling
Sales Executive
OPTIONS Eurocongress 65 Knowl Piece  

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Posted 13.05.05

20th International Congress of the ISRAEL SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGISTS Tel Aviv, September 27-29, 2005

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Posted 13.05.05

Dear Colleague,
Greetings from Tunisia, a friendly country with a great history and legendary hospitality. I am honored to invite you to All Africa Anaesthesia Congress (AAAC 21 - 25 MAY 2005) at which leading anaesthesiologists will focus on the advancement of anesthesia and intensive care around the world. The congress will be held in the delightful venue of Yasmine Hammamet Harbor, beside the Mediterranean Sea. Special accommodation rates and excursions will be available for you over the congress period. We have developed a comprehensive scientific program with workshops and symposia on exciting topics ranging from Pain, Emergency medicine, Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Research and Education to Ethical issues in ICU and Anaesthesia. We will have over 60 speakers from 40 countries sharing their ground-breaking discoveries in these research areas with you. You will have the golden opportunity to meet our distinguished speakers. I urge you to take this opportunity to register, and encourage other Anaesthesiologists to do the same. Our congress secretariat will be pleased to assist with information on the congress packages. Please note the address of the official local travel agency of the meeting in Tunisia: overseas.dmc@gnet.tn fax +21671281395 . They will be in charge of the accommodations, visas, hotels, transfers, excursions... With so many exciting programs and excellent speakers, I am certain that you will acquire state-of-the-art knowledge that will make a substantial difference in your professional life and patient outcomes. I am confident that this meeting will be a great learning experience, which will contribute extensively to your sphere of work. Please visit us at http://www.aaac2005.com. My team and I look forward to welcoming you in Hammamet from 21 - 25 may 2005. Yours sincerely, Dr Mohamed Salah Ben AMMAR, Chairman of the congress

Posted 13.05.05

Dear all,
I can see from the web page of the European Society of Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (ESCTAIC) that you are members of the board of national coordinators. As such I am writing to ask for your help in promoting this years ESCTAIC conference which will be held in Aalborg, Denmark from the 7th - 10th of September. The web page can be found at http://www.esctaic05.hst.aau.dk/ and includes the preliminary format of the scientific programme plus a profile of the invited speakers. A copy of the first announcement and call for papers can also be found on the site. I would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to distribute this information broadly, including to your national societies. We are currently printing a poster for the conference and a second call, which I will send to you electronically. If you would like hardcopy versions of the poster and are willing to ditribute these please write to me and let me know how many you would like and where they should be sent.
Thanks in advance for your efforts, and I look forward to seeing you at Aalborg. Best wishes, Steve Rees, Aalborg University

Posted 19.02.05

Israel Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Research Day 2005

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Posted 29.01.05

Changes to Clinical Forum Meetings 2005

,בר םולש

:ךשמה ידומיל תינכות תרגסמב םיכיראתב הפלחה/יוניש לח ,םכתעידיל
רהב טרומ ר"ד תייחנהב "ינורכ תואיר הלוחל המדרה" אשונב תינכותה םייקתת 4.3.05ךיראתב
םהרבא ןב ןור ר"ד תייחנהב "הלבח יעגפנל המדרה" אשונב תינכותה םייקתת 6.5.05 ךיראתבו

Posted 21.12.04

Israel Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Schedule 2005

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ףשנהו דוגיאה לש יתנשה סוניכה
Posted 18.11.04

ומייקתי ףשנהו דוגיאה לש יתנשה סוניכה תומדוקה תועדוההמ םכל עודיש יפכ
א"ת המרונפ ןד ןולמב 2004 רבמצדב 9 ךיראתב

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Posted 17.10.04: 1st Joint Israel Meeting on Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology 2004
The Israel Association of Obstetric Anesthesia (of The Israel Society of Anesthesiologists)
The Israel Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine
The Israel Midwives Association
FINAL NOTICE: 1st Joint Israel Meeting on Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology 2004: Critical Care and Resuscitation in Pregnancy, November 3rd - 6th Princess Hotel, Eilat

Scientific panels on the following: Pulmonary disease in pregnancy, cardiac disease in pregnancy, severe pre-eclampsia, post-partum hemorrhage, trauma and resuscitation in pregnancy, medical ethics.
Workshops for maternal and neonatal resuscitation and the use of IV remifentanil in labor and in ICU.
For detailed scientific program, on-line abstract submission, registration, hotel and flight booking, please go to https://www.eventact.com/icome/upload/iaoa/agenda.htm.
Conference registration is 400 ח"ש for the entire conference. Flight bookings need to be made URGENTLY as very few remain. While hotel accomodation is still available, these will be increasingly difficult to obtain. The special conference rate at the Princess Hotel is 2200 ח"ש for 3 nights (including shabbat) for 2 people, including free entrance to the Gala Dinner. For other rates at the conference hotel please see www.eventact.com/icome/upload/iaoa/pricelist.htm.
For those who wish, a cheaper hotel is available 5 min drive from the main conference hotel (Carlton Hotel: 725 ח"ש for 3 nights (including shabbat) for 2 people). For details please contact the conference organizers (Uri or Zohar) at: 03-6274133 or e mail at: mmanor@platinum-events.co.il
Abstract submission deadline has passed.
Best overall paper award - OAA-Techopharm prize (including flight to London and free admission to the 3 day refresher course in Obstetric Anesthesia held by the OAA; the Obstetric Anaesthetists Association of the UK) to the best paper presented by an anesthesiologist.

Posted 15.10.04: American Israel Anesthesiology Alliance Inaugural Dinner
Dear Friends I hope this note finds you well We are now fast approaching the ASA meeting in Las Vegas. As you are aware from previous correspondence this years meeting marks the inaugural dinner of the America- Israel Anesthesia Alliance (AIAA). The dinner will be on Saturday night October 23rd. This organization has the noble aim of increasing both practical and academic cooperation between the Israeli and American anesthesia communities. * If you have RSVPd and paid we thank you! * If you have RSVPd and not paid we ask you to please send in your payment. Being a start up organization we are dependent on your prompt payment to cover our costs. We have around 80 people who have RSVPd yes so far. * If you are unsure if you will be able to make it and will be in Las Vegas we ask you to give this meeting a high priority. Attendance makes a number of positive statements about our relationship with this true ally and partner. * If you are UNABLE to make it we would ask you to consider making a donation. As I mentioned there is less than a handful of us who got this thing started and in order to provide the programming that we all need, we need your support. I hope to see you in Las Vegas. We know that the meeting will be both informative and enjoyable. Let us pray that this year is peaceful both here in the USA and in the Middle East. Thanking you in anticipation, Sincerely yours, Michael C. Lewis MD Gil Grant MD Ram Roth MD

Posted 15.10.04: 15th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists

President of Israel Society of Anesthesiologists Dr Leonid A Eldelman, Chairman Dear Sirs, On behalf of the Argentine Federation of Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Reanimation Associations (FAAAAR), we are pleased to inform you that we have been appointed as organisers of the 15th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA) by the Delegates Assembly of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists in Paris last April. The 15th WCA will be held in Buenos Aires city from March 25th (Sunday) to March 31st (Saturday), 2012.The reason why we are sending this letter is to comunicate all societies of international reputation like yours, about the date of the event in advance, in order to avoid superposition with any other event you may organise yearly. Another aim of this letter is to be able to start a relationship through which you could support us in the many activities we think will be an important part of the event, and in which you will surely be able to help, or perhaps share. Do confirm us if you have received this letter. Remaining at your disposal for any enquiry, Sincerely yours. Dr. José Roberto Delgado President of the FAAAAR

המלש ייאל םידרמ אפור
Posted 15.10.04

:תינופלטה ונתחישל ךשמהב
ייאב הנש לש תוחילשל החמומ םידרמ אפור רותיאב י"רה עויס תא שקבמ ץוחה דרשמ 1.
.2005 ראוני מ לחה(Solomon Islands), המלש
תיב םש- HONIARA םייאה תריבב ירקיעה יתלשממה םילוחה תיבב איה הרשמה 2.
היהת תורשקתהה. ךשמהב טרפא וירקיעש, טרופמ הזוחב, קיסעמה היהת םייאה תלשממ 3.
המלש ייאב תואירבה דרשמל ילארשיה אפורה ןיב תורישי
לעו םילוחה תיב לע, םייאב האופרה לע, המלש ייא לע עקר רמוח םע ץבוק ב"צמ 4.
.המלש ייאב םייחה
לשב. ה\םיאתמ ה\אפור רותיאב- םימידרמה דוגיא ר"ויכ- י"רהל ךעויס לע הדוא 5.
ורבעוי םידמעומ 2-3 לש- CV ו םיטרפ יכ םכסוי ול חמש יתייה, דואמ רצק םינמז חול
.2004 רבוטקוא-10-12 מ רחואי אל ונילא
תקלחמ לע קייודמ רתוי עדימ. שרדייש יפכ הרהבהו הלאש לכב ךתושרל דומעל חמשא 6.
.רתויב םיבורקה םימיב ינעיגיש הווקמ ינא םילוחה תיבב דויצהו המדרהה
חמש גח תכרבבו שארמ הדותב
רקנש ןוני רד

:הקסעה יאנת יבגל ונתושרבש םיטרפה
םילוחה תיבב המדרה תקלחמ להנמל תופיפכב, החמומ םידרמ אפור 1.
תואירבה דרשמל ךייש םילוחה תיב תיתלשממ הרשמ 2.
.ןעטמ ללוכ, ותחפשמ ינבו אפורל בושו-ךולה תוסיט. א: הזוחב ןמומי 3.
םייא-רלוד= 6.9 ב"הרא רלוד1 ןיפילח רעש םייא-רלוד- 49,296.00 רכש. ב
35% יוסימ וטורב שדוחל
35% יוסימ וטורב םייא-רלודSDA : 16,414.00 תפסות. ג
םייא-רלוד - 35,000 סממ יקנ ימעפ דח יתנש קנעמ. ד
.םייא-רלוד- 12,324.00 ךסהמ - 25% הפוקתה םותב רשת. ה
.הנשל םייא-רלוד10,000 דלי לכל םידומיל קנעמ. ו
הריד רכש וא םירוגמ. ז
.ותחפשמו אפורה תומלקאתהל עויס. ח
ותחפשמלו אפורל ימוקמ יאופר לופיט. ט
ץועיב עויס, ל"נה םילוחה תיבב םילוחל המדרה יתוריש: שרדנה יאופרה תורישה 4.
םיחמתמ לע חוקיפו הכרדה, םוחתב יעוצקמ

Dr Inon Schenker, PhD, MPH
Head, International Operations and Projects
Israel Medical Association
35, Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan, 52136
Tel: +972 3 6100461
Fax: +972 3 5751616
Email: Press to Mail

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